Vortrag: "2020... If in 10 years time you're not in social business, you won't be in business at all", Jonathan Robinson, London

Mittwoch, 08.12.2010 19.00 Uhr

Hörsaal 9 der Neuen Universität am Uniplatz

Jonathan Robinson is the founder and director of The Hub, a place for people with world-changing ideas. The Hub has borrowed from the best of a members club, a business incubator, an innovation agency and a think-tank to create a different kind of institution. Hubs can be found in 27 cities around the world, in places as diverse as London, Johannesburg, San Fransisco, Sao Paulo and Mumbai. Jonathan has designed interventions for the Barcelona 2004 Cultural Festival, taken on the Royal Festival Hall to host a millenium festival of music and debate, joined an aid mission to Bosnia during the war, made a budget film in West Africa, interviewed the Dalai Lama for Amnesty International and worked to create knowledge flows between UNICEF's network of practitioners in the world's conflict zones.

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