Solikundgebung mit den Protesten in Venezuela

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Samstag, 22.02.2014 14.00 Uhr


Seit dem 12.Februar finden in Venezuela Proteste gegen die Regierung statt, drei Menschen wurden bereits getötet. Die Kundgebung wendet sich gegen die Niederschlagung der Proteste und die Zensur der venezolanischen Medien.

Hier das Schreiben von OrganisatorInnen der Kundgebung an den StuRa der Uni Heidelberg:

On february 12th, the youth day in Venezuela, students, from most cities in the country, were in the streets making peaceful protests against the represive goverment of Nicolas Maduro, the goverment sent policemans and Military to stop the protest with violence, the result: lots of deaths, (there are 3 confirmed, and many others still without being confirm) 40 students in hospital and over 100 student in jail, some of them being tortured by the goverments corps.

In Venezuela the goverment is the owner of all the social media, TV and Radio, and days ago they shut down twitter in order to avoid the upload of pictures on the internet, so our only way of expresion are some internet websites and the international media.

I am writing you in order to find help from the student council of your university, we are trying to make a protest here in Heidelberg the 22th of february in order to support the students of Venezuela and inform everybody what is going on in Venezuela, and because the venezuelan students were the ones who strart this, it will be a pleasure to include international students in our movement, we want to send a message of hope and strength to all the students that still in the streets of Venezuela fighting for freedom and for those who are in hospital or in jail.

I hope that you will understand and will try to help us, Venezuela is fighthing for its freedom and needs help.

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