Anti-fascist city walk "Heidelberg under National Socialism"

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Mittwoch, 25.10.2023 17.00 Uhr

Meeting Point: Corner of Hauptstraße/Theaterstraße

The two-and-a-half-hour anti-fascist city walk "Heidelberg under National Socialism - Persecution and Resistance" leads through Heidelberg's old town. It offers an overview of National Socialism in Heidelberg from its early rise to power in the Weimar Republic to its liberation and also refers to the aftermath in the early FRG. Nazi perpetrators and victims are remembered at various historical sites, but also people who dared to resist.

The anti-fascist city walk on octobre 25 is in English. An anti-fascist city walk in German is on octobre 23.

Organised by VVN-BdA HD and AIHD/iL

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